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Excel Boat, Trolling Motor Deck Baseplate
Excel boats generally have many areas where flat surface mounting of a baseplate can be used.  Any level area that has space of 4x4 inch and is flat can use a simple sub plate mounting.  This area could be the Gunnel top, top of a trolling motor deck or even a built up riser made of wood or some other waterproof material. Baseplates sit atop the sub plate using one of two mounting methods.
  1. Thumbscrews:  a couple of nylon thumbscrews that act as a quick removal as well as a strain relief should the downrod hit something while deployed.
  2. Magnetic Switches:  magnetic switches
Baseplate selection should take into consideration the span, or distance, from the outer edge of the sub plate to the outside rub rail of the boat.  Refer to the drawing below, Dimension D. [caption id="attachment_2811" align="alignleft" width="230"]Bowducer Baseplate Dimensions Bowducer Baseplate Dimensions[/caption]  
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